Active McFarland: Exercising Democracy

We Believe...

Active McFarland's members have diverse talents, interests, and political opinions.

But here is what unites us:

  • We believe in environmental stewardship and clean air and water as basic human rights.
  • We believe in strong public schools and support their funding.
  • We believe that all people should be able to afford good health care.
  • We believe in equality before the law.
  • We believe that workers are the profit-creators of our economy.
  • We believe that our democracy is threatened by money and the corruption it breeds.
  • We believe that our political parties are not speaking for "we, the people."
  • We believe that government should not erect barriers to voting.
  • We believe that our Constitution is a living document, created to preserve our rights and freedoms through time and changing circumstances.
  • We believe that cooperation and civil discourse outperform confrontation and name-calling.
  • We believe that our country should lead by democratic example, not by force.
  • We believe that grassroots democracy is essential, possible, and within our power to activate.
  • We will work to make our voices heard.